SEKU 2016 Graduation Ceremony….

Graduands wait for their turn

 Welcome to SEKU Kitui town Campus.

Kitui town Campus is located at Kitui town along Kilungya Street on the 3rd and 4th floor Mututo plaza and on the 3rd and 4th floor John Ngonde Arcade, The campus provides regular, part time, weekend and institution based modes of study for certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduates levels. The current student population stands at 380 of which 70 students have completed the course work. The institution based (school based) and weekend mode of study has been characterized by ever increasing student population with a current population o 89 student for both of both the primary and secondary school teachers. The campus also provide business, IT, agriculture and water resource course during the evening hours, currently evening mode of study has a population of 221 for all levels of study; diploma, undergraduate, master and PhD

The campus has embraced aggressive marketing strategies through visits to different secondary schools and also use of local media. We have been actively involved in giving career guidance to the schools we visit especially during educational days. We strive to tap the unexploited potential in the fast growing population of Kitui town and the secondary schools in the county.

Dr. Mwania is currently the acting Director, Kitui Town Campus of the South Eastern Kenya University. Previously, he served as the founding chairman, Department of Educational Foundations and Psychology and as the Examinations and Timetabling officer in the School of Education. He holds a PhD in Educational Psychology Read more..